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Royal Canadian Pacific
7550 Ogden Dale Road SE
Calgary, Alberta  T2C 4X9

Canada by Train


Royal Canadian Pacific wants your luxury rail tour experience to be an effortless experience.

To plan your journey:

  1. Review our Luxury Rail Tours to choose your excursion. 
  2. Contact Us directly. Our friendly and professional team will advise on availability and reserve your luxury rail tour. 
  3. Book your transportation to Calgary. The Travel and Transportation page will give you websites and phone numbers for airlines serving Calgary, Alberta. 
  4. Review all documentation provided by Royal Canadian Pacific for accuracy. 
  5. Begin your Canada by Rail adventure! For information on other activities and travel in the area: Banff and Lake Louise, Calgary Stampede, Tourism Calgary, Travel Alberta.
  6. Click here for important items to bring on your journey.
  7. Click here to learn more about Calgary and area.
  8. Click here to learn more about your excursion.
  9. Click here to learn more about the Royal Canadian Pacific Trains.

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